A little info in case you‘re wondering what it would be like to work together. It's a risk adding a new person to the team.
We are both looking for a good fit.
I’ve got  20+ years of experience in digital design as both a designer and a design manager. 
I’m a strong individual contributor and enjoy working as part of a team since I don’t know everything. I’m confident, but love to learn from people who are smarter than me, know about different topics than me, and have had different experiences than I have. 
I enjoy a productive, respectful work argument
I am intrigued by technology and the amazing and fun things it’s brought into our lives. I think it’s funny we’ve now got robots at home and I am here for it! 
​​​​​​​I’m fluent in sarcasm. I’m honest and loyal. I value family, friendship, time, money and kindness. 

I love iced coffee, heated seats, Netflix, beach vacations, Tahoe, soft leather, thoughtfulness, hand-lettering, queso dip, punctuality and typography. 
On the flip side, I am not a fan of phones on speaker in public, tequila shots, nuts in baked goods, typos, excuses, techno music, condescension or holiday pricing.
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