Description of Gander Mobile
The Gander app was created to share photos anonymously while incorporating a competitive element. The iOS app was envisioned to provide a place where users would add captions to photos others posted, then vote on favorite captions. Gander was built to invoke competition using a gamification element to improve user engagement.
My Role in the design of Gander
At the kickoff for this project, I defined requirements with stakeholders and program manager. Upon finalization of requirements, I began to design the information architecture and build wireframes. I then held design reviews with program manager and engineers to ensure design was feasible and moving in the right direction that would allow quick development and implementation. I art-directed the graphic designer and worked with him on solidifying iconography and user interface elements. I supported and communicated with front and back-end engineers to quickly address programatic concerns and defend the user interface when necessary. Keeping this communication open and responsive was critical to ensure things kept moving forward and everyone felt included in the success of the end product.
Users of Gander Mobile
I used a persona of someone who would be uploading funny photos and getting clever with their captions. They would be using the app for entertainment purposes and would get increasingly competitive about seeing how high their caption got.

Examples of some of the user interaction. This was blah blah blah blah blah

Challenge of Gander Mobile
Within a tight deadline (due to investor interest), design a complex but easy-to-use and intuitive user flow and feature set. The goal of the app was to compel users to post often and interact with the app multiple times per day increasing total time spent to quantify user engagement.
Result of Gander Mobile
Gander was successfully launched and received 100% five-star reviews. Additional start-up funding was secured. Founders and investors moved closer to achieving funding goals. 

 “This was a GREAT example
of how a well-oiled team should work.  
Clear requirements, design, and development.  
All done in about 10-11 weeks.  Outstanding!”
— CEO after successful App Store submission

Gander Mobile in the App Store

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